Network Neutrality

1. CeBIT Show to Unveil New Range of Products (AP)

AP - The annual CeBIT high-tech fair is set to show off a new range of advanced mobile phones, ultra-light laptops, powerful yet compact digital cameras and — maybe — Microsoft's latest secret project.

2. NBC buying iVillage for $600 million (Reuters)

An NBC Universal billboard is seen at the NBC studios in Burbank, California in a 2004 file photo. Media and entertainment conglomerate NBC Universal on Monday said it would acquire iVillage Inc., operator of a network of Web sites for women, for $600 million in a bid to bolster its Internet strategy. REUTERS/Fred ProuserReuters - NBC Universal has signed a deal to acquire iVillage, the women's and parenting website, for about $600 million.

3. Cisco, Microsoft to Collaborate on Tools (AP)
AP - Cisco Systems Inc., the world's largest network equipment maker, said on Monday it's partnering with Microsoft Corp. to create a package of communications tools geared for businesses.

4. Hearst buys NetDoctor as spark for online efforts (Reuters)

Reuters - Media conglomerate Hearst Corp. said on Monday it has bought NetDoctor, Britain's top consumer health Web site, as it tries to keep up with rivals by boosting its presence on the Internet.

5. Chinese Gov't Sets Up Blogs for Lawmakers (AP)

AP - China's government is trying to boost public interest in its figurehead parliament and its companion advisory body by setting up Web logs for members as they meet this week.

6. Product Previews (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Near-Time serves up blogs, wikis on demand Near-Time later this month plans to launch a hosted collaboration service for creating workspaces that leverage blogs, wikis, and group calendar functions.

7. Oscar gown knock-offs donned by video game "Sims" (Reuters)

Best Actress winner Reese Witherspoon poses backstage at the 78th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood March 5, 2006. Witherspoon won for her performance in 'Walk the Line.' REUTERS/Mike BlakeReuters - Fans of "The Sims" video game spent Sunday evening making virtual copies of the red carpet fashions worn by Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, contender Keira Knightley and presenter and trend setter Jennifer Lopez, then offering them for free trade on Monday.

8. Texas Instruments narrows expected profit range (Reuters)
Reuters - Texas Instruments Inc. , the top supplier of mobile phone chips, raised the lower end of its profit forecast range on Monday but failed to deliver the blowout Wall Street had hoped for, and its shares fell.

9. Open Season On Open Source? (BusinessWeek Online)
BusinessWeek Online - In 1999, Ethan Galstad was thinking about starting a business with a friend. Among other things on their to-do list was digging up software to monitor their network and flag any problems. They couldn't afford any of the programs on the market, however, so Galstad wrote his own. Almost on a whim, he posted it on an open-source Web site where geeks around the world browse code and download programs for free.

10. AOL to let others customize its messaging software (Reuters)

Reuters - AOL said on Monday it planned to let software and service developers create their own versions of its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), which analysts said was a significant move for a company that has traditionally cordoned off its services.


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  • Supercomputer

  • A supercomputer is a computer that leads the world in terms of processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation, at the time of its introduction. (The term Super Computing was first used by New York World newspaper in 1920 to refer to the large custom built tabulators IBM had made for Columbia University.) Supercomputers introduced in the 1960s were designed primarily by Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation (CDC), and led the market into the 1970s until Cray left to form his own company, Cray Research. He then took over the supercomputer market with his new designs, holding the top spot in supercomputing for 5 years (1985–1990). In the 1980s a large number of smaller competitors entered the market, in a parallel to the creation of the minicomputer market a decade earlier, but many of these disappeared in the mid-1990s "supercomputer market crash". Today, supercomputers are typically one-of-a-kind custom designs produced by "traditional" companies such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard, who had purchased many of the 1980s companies to gain their experience, although Cray Inc. still specializes in building supercomputers.

  • UniCOS

  • UniCOS is the UNIX-like operating system of some Cray Research supercomputers, such as the Cray X-MP, SV, X1, XT, and SX series. It provides network clustering, and binary compatibility layers for some other unices. There are several different distributions of UniCOS available, include UNICOS/mp, UNICOS/lc, and UNICOS/ls.Category:Unixde:Unicos

  • Connection Machine

  • The Connection Machine was a series of supercomputers that grew out of Danny Hillis's research in the early 1980s at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on alternatives to the traditional von Neumann architecture of computation. The CM-1, originally conceived of at MIT, was a "massively parallel" hypercube arrangement of thousands of very simple processors, each with its own Random Access Memory.Image:Thinking_machines_cm2.jpgThe Connection Machine (MIT Press Series in Artificial Intelligence) (ISBN 0262081571) . The title is out of print as of 2005. The book provides an overview of the philosophy, architecture and software for the Connection Machine, including data routing between CPU nodes, memory handling, Lisp programming for parallel machines, etc.

  • Convex Computer

  • Convex Computer was a company that produced a number of Vector processor minisupercomputers, supercomputers for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Their later Exemplar series of parallel computing machines were based on the Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC CPU series, and in 1995, HP bought the company. Exemplar machines were offered for sale by HP for some time, and Exemplar technology was used in HP's V-Class machines.Convex was formed in 1982 by Bob Paluck and Steve Wallach in Richardson, Texas. It was originally named Parsec. They planned on producing a machine very similar in architecture to the Cray Research vector processor machines, with a somewhat lower performance, but with a much better price/performance ratio. In order to lower costs, the Convex designs were not as technologically aggressive as Cray's, and were based on more mainstream chip technology, attempting to make up for the loss in performance in other ways.
    Convex ex-employees website, Long Live Convex,

  • Blue Gene

  • Image:BlueGeneL-600x450.jpgBlue Gene is a computer architecture project designed to produce several next-generation supercomputers, designed to reach operating speeds in the FLOPS range, and currently reaching speeds over 100 FLOPS. It is a cooperative project between the United States Department of Energy (who are funding the project), industry (IBM in particular), and academia. There are five Blue Gene projects in development, among them Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/C, and Blue Gene/P.Image:LLNL BGL Diagram.png

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  • Fujitsu

  • :For the district (japan) in Saga prefecture, Japan, see Fujitsu, Saga.Fujitsu (富士通) is a Japanese company specializing in semiconductors, computers (supercomputers, personal computers, servers), telecommunications, and services, and is headquartered in Tokyo. Fujitsu Limited reported consolidated revenues of 5.00 trillion yen for the fiscal year which ended March 31, 2002.The company was established in 1935 under the name Fuji Tsūshinki Seizō (富士通信機製造, Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing), a spinoff of the Fuji Electric, this in turn being a joint venture between the Furukawa Electric and German conglomerate Siemens AG. Despite its connections to the Furukawa zaibatsu, Fujitsu escaped the Allied occupation of Japan mostly unscathed.
    Fujitsu Global, Company history,


  • UNICORE (UNiform Interface to COmputing REsources) is a Grid computing technology that provides seamless, secure, and intuitive access to distributed Grid resources such as supercomputers or cluster systems and information stored in databases. UNICORE was developed in two projects funded by the German ministry for education and research (BMBF). In various European-funded projects UNICORE has evolved to a full-grown and well-tested Grid middleware system over the years. UNICORE is used in daily production at several supercomputer centers world-wide. Beyond this production usage, UNICORE serves as a solid basis in many European and international research projects. The UNICORE technology is open source under BSD licence and available at SourceForge, where new releases are published on a regular basis.
    [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12],

  • Forecast

  • Numerical weather prediction is the science of predicting the weather using "models" of the atmosphere and computational techniques. Manipulating the huge datasets and performing the complex calculations necessary to do this on a resolution small enough to make it accurate requires some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.
    A model, in this context, is one or more computer programmes that output meteorological information for future times. Weather forecasting organisations often develop their own models; comparing the output of different models can indicate the reliability of the forecast - if several models give the same result, it is probably correct, but if different models give different forecasts for the same place at the same time, the chances of any one model being correct are low. Models often have their own quirks and known biases, and human intervention and intepretation is often needed to remove these.

    Wetterzentrale, NOAA GFS and NAM pages, NOAA Supercomputers,

  • IBM Mainframe

  • An IBM mainframe is a large, high-performance computer made by IBM. Mainframe computers traditionally are expensive, physically large, and have high transaction processing and input/output performance, but are not as expensive and high-performance as supercomputers.*IBM 650 (business/data processing)*IBM 1401 (business/data processing)The primary operating systems in use on IBM mainframes include z/OS (which followed MVS and OS/390), z/VM (previously VM/CMS), z/VSE, z/TPF, and Linux on zSeries. A few systems still run MUSIC/SP, another operating system. Previous operating systems for the System/360 family and its successors included OS/360 (with PCP, MFT, and MVT), BOS, TOS, DOS/360, and SVS. There are software-based emulators for the System/370, System/390, zSeries, and ZSeries hardware, including FLEX-ES and the freely available Hercules emulator which runs under Linux and Microsoft Windows. The original OS/360 and early MVS and VM/CMS versions have been released for free use.
    Official IBM mainframe page (zSeries/z9), Announces Freescale Semiconductor as Newest Member to ...
    WebWire (press release), GA -... Power microprocessors are driving the worldA s highest performance supercomputers (1). Power Architecture technology is also a predominant platform for ...

    IBM and Freescale Collaborate on Direction of Power Architecture
    LinuxElectrons, TX -... The architecture powers the three next-generation gaming console platforms. Power microprocessors are driving the world's highest performance supercomputers. ...

    Researchers Develop Quantum Processor (NewsFactor)
    NewsFactor - A computer chip based on the esoteric science of quantum mechanics has been created by researchers at the University of Michigan. The chip might well pave the way for a new generation of supercomputers.

    LXer: Linux Networx Announces Largest Supercomputing Order in the Company's History
    Linux Networx, the Linux Supercomputing Company, announced today that the Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), has placed the largest single order for Linux Supercomputers in...

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